Losing the weight!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm BACK!!! WEIGHT 230 TLTD 30lbs!!!

Well I decided I was done with HCG....so I took a vacation from it didn't follow protocol and didn't do much of anything for about 2 weeks.  Then I woke up one morning and decided I was going to get a Personal Trainer one that had experience and was tough and would beat me up and make me work.  SO I did last Thursday I began my workouts and new diet meal plan its AMAZING I am still in the honeymoon phase but I am working out feeling really good and enjoying it!  What?! did she just say she is enjoying working out?  YEP! 

So what am I doing....I am eating :O and I am eating every 2 to 3 hours and losing weight I guess in the past I have always just done it on my own but now I have a dietitian and a muscle man to kick my butt and so far its working!  Some days I am up a bit but trending I am going down and it feels good.

Will I do HCG again Yes...will I do 40 days no...probably not. 

But never fear I am still here and on Thursday I will post my pre and post first work out week results!  Already feel skinny!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

How do I put this...

Well a lot is going on right now...a lot!  I had a funeral for a dear family member he was 97 years old and it was a blessing really for him he so wanted to be with his wife who passed 2 years ago.  I really was doing pretty good with it all till Sat. then I just broke down.  My husband the night before got the stomach flu or food poisoning.  (Still not sure which one) He ended up throwing up the morning we were supposed to go to the funeral.  It was horrible I knew that I couldn't leave the kids home while I went it was 2 hours away and I would be gone all day worried because he was sick and that the kids wouldn't be really taken care of.  SO I didn't get to go.  I think that I then had another melt down and took it out on baking something so I made sugar cookies...and then I ate one.  That was the start of a slippery slope of I need to feel better choices.  The cookie was followed by a few other bad choices and that has lead me to where I am right now.  SIGH (including me not taking my hcg now for 3 days in a row)

So I guess I have to pick myself up off the floor.  I have to decide to start again my weight supprisingly has not spiked as I thought it would have todays weight was 236.6 but I know tomorrows is going to be a punch in the face and its going to hurt! 

Deep breath...tomorrow is a new day!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Phase 1 Day 23 W 236.5 L 2.1

I had a hard time last night I really wanted something sweet!  So I ate just one Hersheys Chocolate Kiss I battled hard not to eat more then that but I didnt win that battle :/ O well...heres to the next one!

Todays going to be a good day I can feel it!

Lets lose the weight, Skinny Feels Good!
W 236.5 TLTD 23.5

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Phase 1 Day 23 W 238.6 L .4

No more big losses :( but I am losing I knew this day would come and I am OK with it I am looking forward to hitting my goal I have 17 more days 17 more precious hcg day...Trying to look at it that way.  Rethinking my planned dinner out and I might just wait to go till after my phase 1. 

I want to lose 30lbs min and preferably 35lb pushing through the last few weeks!!!

Lets lose the weight! Skinny Feels Good!!!
W238.6 TLTD 21.4

Phase 1 Day 22 W 239 L.6

Monday, February 4, 2013

Phase 1 Day 21 W 239.6 L0

Well I plateaued I guess I sorta saw this coming with such small drops over the weekend so I called to see what I should do I was told skip a dose of HCG and do an apple day.  Today is that day :( I hope I can do it with out the HCG I swear that helps curb my appetite.  The super bowl party was OK I am surprised that I did as well as I did.  I had a taco salad it was so yummy. 

Over the weekend I battled one of the worst migraines I have ever had.  I was knocked flat on my back in bed lights off and slept!  I finally feel better tho, thank goodness!  I didn't even watch the super bowl I was asleep for most of it which I think helped me not want to eat. 

Also I know that this might be a 'bad' idea but I am going to try and be really good this next week my sweet husband wants to take me out for a steak dinner for Valentines day so I am going to let him I know this means I am going to cheat...but I kinda am looking forward to it, a planned cheat.

The shoes I wanted for hitting my goal were also on my to do list and went to get them and they didn't have my size :( I am going to call in today and see if they have them but I was so bummed. 
Lets lose the weight, Skinny Feels Good!
W239.6 TLTD 20.4lbs

Phase 1 Day 20 W239.6 L .2

Phase 1 Day 19 W 239.8 L .2lbs

Only .2lbs :( kinda bummed!

Lets lose the weight, Skinny Feels Good!
W239.8 TLTD 20.2lbs

Friday, February 1, 2013

Phase 1 Day 18 W 240 L.8

Not a lot of time today :) but I am happy to report another loss!  And officially hit the 20lbs lost!!! I am refilling my next RX for 20 days I pick it up today so I guess that means I am committing to it now I hope that the next 20 days I lose 20 more lbs I still cant fit into my pre prego jeans :/ UGH I am sure that it will happen sooner then latter I hope.

ANYWAY make today a great day!

Lets lose the weight, Skinny Feels Good!
W240 TLTD 20lbs!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Phase 1 Day 17 W 240.8 L 1.2

Love losing a pound in a day...it seems so easy to gain one in a day why shouldn't losing one be just as simple LOL.  I killed the water yesterday I honestly thought that maybe I would be heavier because of it.  But I am already slacking as of this morning I woke up late way late and have been playing catch up ever sense. 

I have been hard core craving breads wonderful delicious bread...even just the smell of bread I want some right now!  I know even once I am off the diet this will be the hardest battle that I fight.  Not the sweets or eating a lot at one meal its the snacking on breads.  'sigh'

I cant believe that I am almost to the half way point of this round...I am sure that I will need 2 possibly 3 more rounds to drop the weight that I need to.  But I guess we will see how much I lose in the next 23 days. 

On a sad note a Great Uncle died yesterday he lived to be 97!  We are celebrating his life next Sat at his funeral.  I am worried about making it through the day without wanting to eat the food that will be there I always find that when I need comforting that food seems to be the go to.  I am trying to self therapeut (is that even something) but I am not sure I can or will make it through.
Lets lose the weight, Skinny Feels Good!
W 240.8 TLTD 19.2lbs

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Phase 1 Day 16 W 242 L.2

Not a huge loss but a loss is a loss.  Yesterday my son got his tonsils out that was quite an event he did really well until coming out of anesthesia he was so mean!  Today hes acting like a champ.  I am hopeful that the next week goes by smoothly and there are no complications.  Because of his surgery I really didnt eat at my normal times, 2pm and 6pm meal with my 11:30 and 7pm fruit.  I ended up eating for the first time all day at 6 then again at 7 :/

I can't believe I have officially lost 18 pounds!  I am so thrilled the 16 days I have been doing this diet has really gone by quite quickly.  I cant wait to see what the next 24 have in store.  I am hopeful that this round I will lose another 20 better yet I would love to hit the hundreds but I think I will have one more round before thats possible, I guess we will see.

Anyways I think that today I am going to online shop for those new shoes that I have been wanting so badly!!! And I am getting excited to be down to the 230's! 

Lets lose the weight, Skinny Feels Good!
W 242 TLTD 18lbs!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Phase 1 Day 15 W 242.2 L 1.8

Yea!  Back on track and couldn't be more thrilled!  It has me bound and determined to hit this week hard.   I did a successful apple day yesterday and had a hard hard time eating that last apple I truly was not hungry and didn't want to eat it at all.  I drank a ton of water too.  When I stepped on the scale I really did hold my breath tho.

Today my son has to have his tonsils out so I am a bit nervous for him.  Along with that I am not sure what today is going to hold for meals but I am going to take an orange and an apple if push comes to shove I will have them to eat.  Operations don't make me nervous if I am having them (I have had many!) but I am so worked up over the thought of my little guy having one! 

On that note a few days ago I was talking to my 4 and a half year old about people without limbs and with deformities or who are heavy.  We have been watching the Bachelor and the girl lost her arm in the womb and recently we watched this promo for a motivational speaker of a young man who was born without any limbs.  Watching this guy and listening to what he said made me cry it was so moving!  I was watching it with my little guy and he said, 'Mom see what he can do!  He can do all those things and he doesn't have any arms or legs'.  It just made me realize that people have huge obstacles in their lives to overcome each one of ours is unique to us.  I am incharge of my own happieness of my own destination this is my journey and I am going to enjoy it more!  I am so blessed!

SO with that I am thinking about starting a walking routine I need to go renew my membership at the local gym. I want to get an Ipod and start walking I think that this will really help me so I might change up my goals/rewards. 
Lets lose the weight, Skinny Feels Good
W 242.2  TLTD 17.8lbs!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Phase 1 Day 14 W 244 G 1.5

YEP it happened I jumped ship, fell off the wagon whatever you want to call it and drowned/got run over...'it' happened and 'it' was not pretty I was in denial about it but alas I knew that the scale wasnt going to lie to me the deed was done and it was messy.  Was it worth it you ask?  NO! 

It started Sat.  when we were invited to a Birthday party the chips and dip were screaming at me so I ate one...then another then two more OH CRAP!   Then we went to a Jazz basketball game sat second row and were give pre game dinner what delicious food all around me rolls, cakes, salads, amazing yummy food and I already cheated, heck lets just get it over with it was bad!!!

I ate way to much felt way too bloated and now lost 2 days and gained 1.5 of the weight I have worked so hard to get off...I am so sad with myself I think I needed this set back to refocus my mind to say see!!!! DONT CHEAT!  and stop telling me too. 

I also felt super uncomfortable at the game my big fat but barley squeezed into my own seat and was touching the ladies next to me.  Not one of my prouder moments I am going to lose this fat if its the last thing I do!!!

SO Here is to refocusing - a new week - an apple day today!

Lets lose the weight, Skinny Feels Good!
W 244 TLTD 16

Phase 1 Day 13 W No weigh in L TBD

wait for it.... LOL

Phase 1 Day 12 W 242.5 - L 1.5lbs

I always get excited when I get close to the 20lb mark...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Phase 1 Day 11 W 244 L.8lb

Funny thing about weigh inns, I weigh in almost everyday at the same time today I woke up super early weighed went back to sleep woke up and weighed...What did I get you ask?  6AM weigh inn 243.8  10AM weigh inn 244.4 so I met them in the middle typically I weigh in at 8AM.  Anyone else have this happen to you.  No cheating yesterday so not sure if my lack of stellar loss was because I was up till 1AM then didnt really get a good nights rest, or if I need to kick up the water.  I think its a bit of both but water here I come!

I still haven't gotten around to measuring my losses.  I am feeling more confident but still I look in the mirror and see more that needs to go :(

I am just really happy to hit the 16lb mark!!! Today I am battling my mind about food tho it seems that it wants what it wants LOL I dont even really know why, or how to teach it no in a loving and caring way that it will listen, that No means No!

Lets lose the weight, Skinny Feels Good!
W 244.0 TLTD 16LBS  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Phase 1 Day 10 W 244.8 - L 2.4lbs

I have hit the 15lbs lost mark!!! I want to call up everyone I know I am so excited my clothes are starting to fit and look SO much better (mind you I am not looking amazing...yet) on me its crazy. Tomorrow I am going to re-measure myself to see how many inches I have lost, it feels like a good amount.  I am no longer feeling hungry at all my tummy doesn't ache as if I havent eaten but my mind especially in front of the pantry yells 'ooh a cookie, ooh BREAD, what about that bowl of popcorn, you should eat that chocolate'. I am going to seriously have to train my brain to not want to eat these things its like teaching a kids who whines for what they want why they cant have the thing they want...so far I am doing pretty good havent cheated in 3 days, but I dont want to fail not only for myself but my husband, my sweet kids and my life!

I have an IUD and TOM is wrapping up her business, I a have supper light flow but it happens about every 20 days.   So before the end of this round she'll be here again.  The shaky feeling I was having yesterday left after I ate an orange and took an iron pill so still not sure what that was all about but I am doubling up on my vitamins today at each meal that I eat to make sure its not going to happen again this week.

Lets lose the weight together, Skinny Feels Good!
W 244.8 TLTD - 15.2lbs

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Phase 1 day 9 W - 247.2 L - 1.1lbs

Well my weight loss picked back up, I also figured out that TOM was arriving so I am a bit surprised to see a loss with her here.  I also have fatigue today (due to little to no sleep and TOM) and feel like I am having a sugar spike/drop :/ I am thinking I might eat an orange and a half to see if this helps if not I will eat lunch early to see if the protein is what I need and if that doesnt help try adding a third meal today and an Iron sup.  I typically dont have this so it makes me a wee bit nervous I think I might go have some labs done if this continues.  I am also seriously thinking about bio identicals after this round of HCG I feel strongly that one of my reasons for gaining is my hormones.  I would love to hear from anyone out there who has done this and had success.

On a fun note I am going to plan some goal/rewards for my weight loss.  I havent nailed down all the details just yet but I am thinking along the lines of the following:

18lbs - Get a pedi/mani without the loation maybe I will take my baby oil :)
25lbs - New shoes (have ones picked out!)
30lbs - Plan a vacation
35lbs - New purse
40lbs - ???

Do you do goal/rewards?  What are things you get for yourself when you hit your goal? 
Lets lose the weight! Skinny Feels Good!
W 247.2lbs - TLTD 12.8lbs

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Phase 1 Day 8 W -248.3 L BIG FAT ZERO

Well what did I do i jinxed myself I said that things would slow down and they did but they didnt just slow they stopped!  Dang it!  Well I think that eating the veggies together (two days ago) may have had something to do with it I usually dont see the negatives of my cheating till 2 days after the deed is done.  So what to do know refocus pull from my inner strength and remember the skinny me I am doing this for! 

I have some more reading that I need to do with Dr Simmions I am forgetting some of the cans and cants I am not using lotions or make up, I really never wear make up but I am using lilash and am not sure if I should hold off on it or keep on with it (because I now have beautiful long lashes without mascara) - Any thoughts on this?

Lets lose the weight together, Skinny Feels Good!!!
W - 248.3 TLTD - 11.7

Monday, January 21, 2013

Phase 1 Day 7 W 248.3 - L 1.5

Today marks the 7th day of my diet I seriously can not believe in one week I am down 11.7 pounds :) I know that things are going to slow down after this week tho and that has me a bit nervous.  When the weight takes longer to fall off I get anxious that I will be on this diet forever and it makes me want to eat...again not a healthy relationship with food.  I think having these meals for me to eat will help a ton this round.  So I dont anticipate it being to rough just yet.

Question anyone ever had Sprite Zero on hcg? Side effects?

Anyway one of my fellow hcg bloggers had a bost about just what 10 pounds feels and looks like it was a great visual. Check it out HERE.  For me its the thought of my 15pound little girl that I have to lose 6 of her was a motivator!

I am still feeling pretty good I have had a few moments where I seem more tiered then usual I am going to go in today and get my weight checked at my Dr office as well as my B12, B6 shot. 

Lets lose the weight! Skinny Feels Good!!!
W 248.3 - TLTD 11.7lbs

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Phase 1 Day 6 W 249.8 - L 1.2

Something to help keep my mind focused! My new favorite motivator!

This is the beginning of a new day.  You have been given this day to use as you wish.  You can waste it or use it for good.  What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.  When tomorrow comes this day will be gone forever. In its place is something that you have left behind.  Let it be something good!!!

Today has been a good day I have been home all day which I think is not so good for me it has made me want to eat a bit more which indicates I am eating when I am board and not busy.  I am not hungry I just have to control my mental desire to want to eat.  Also had another dream about food, which is driving me crazy!  I have eaten today:

10:00 Zevia
12:00 orange
12:30 melba
2:00 steak tomatoes and asparagus (i dont know why I felt like I needed the extra 27 cals but I did it)
Dinner TBD but I am thinking mustard chicken and onion soup followed by the strawberry sorbet!
Lets lose the wight together, Skinny Feels Good!
W 249.8 TLTD 10.2lbs

Phase 1 Day 5 W 251 - L 4.8

Today was a great day!  I did notice some fatige while running a lot of errands it was overall a busy day!  I have been true to the diet choices that I have selected at dinner market check it out here.     It has been amazing such a huge difference from the last time I did this diet, I hated cooking the meals I could never get the seasonings to taste right and it left the food wanting to say the least.  This round is so much better I LOVE what I am eating.  I would eat this not on a hcg it is that good. 

Breakfast - Zavia with melba
11:30 - orange
3:00 - steak and onion
7:00 - chicken and tomoatoe with zero cal noodles - These noodles are amazing!!!
8:00 - strawberry lime sorbet

Everything was from the dinner menu place but the orange and I love it!

Lets lose weight together, Skinny feels good!!
Phase 1 Day 5
W - 251 TLTD - 9lbs

Friday, January 18, 2013

Phase 1 Day 4 W 255.8 - L 4.2

I had a dream last night that I was indulging in sweets!!! I woke up panicked thinking I am not going to loose why did I cheat this is not hard, I was really upset!  I have no idea what this says about my mental state and relationship with food but so glad it was a dream and not what happened in real life.  I even had to check to make sure that the food I dreamed that I ate was still there.  I got on my scale this morning and registered a loss of 4.2lbs total, about a pound a day so far even with my load days.  My current weight is 255.8 I know its crazy but I can tell I lost a bunch in my waist which feels good. 

Lets Loose the Weight, Skinny Feels Good!
Phase 1 Day 4 W-255.8
Total lost to date *TLTD* 4.2lbs

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Phase 1 Day 3 W 260 - L 0

Today is the first day of my VLC diet - This morning started off with my mental yearning for my bowl of oat meal, sprite and granola bar...skipped those and went for my 32oz water jug nothing for me this early morning. 

Around 10:00 I cracked open my Zevia soad - for those of you who don't know what this is...I was told by my Dr. that I can have one Zevia a day :) Zevia is a naturally flavored soad, Zero cals and Zero sugar, sweetened with Stevia.  Check out Zevia here, I like the lemon-lime and grape the orange is bearable not the best. 

I plan to slowly consume my orange around noon perhaps with a bread stick...that is still to be decided followed by my late lunch around 2pm, lunch today will be 3/4 cup of non fat cottage cheese and tomatoes, diced up and mixed together.

Dinner is what I am really looking forward to as I have purchased some delicious pre made meals from a local HCG diet meal ready company that has high prices but the food is so worth it especially if you are like me and when your hungry you will sacrifice taste to eat but then not want to eat it because it tastes gross...never again, well at least until the pre purchased meals run out.  I bought about $150 worth of meals which comes to 16 meals = 8 days of meals plus some extras that I pick up around 5.  Check out dinner market here, dont the meals look so yummy.  Looking forward to dinner time!!! I also got the cold fruit slush for my late night save me from making a bad choice eat.

Anyways I will get on tomorrow and actually account for what I did do and look forward to the weigh in.  

What I actually ate:
10:00 Zevia & breadstick melba
11:30 Orange
4:00 Chicken and tomoatoes (this was off the dinner menu site and was AMAZING!)
7:00 3/4 cup cottage cheese with greens and apple cider ving dressing
8:00 strawberry lemonaide crush (from dinner menu site also AMAZING)

Lets lose the weight together! Skinny Feels Good!
Phase 1 Day 3 weight 260
No loss - No gain from start date

PHASE 1 Load Days 1 & 2

The time has come!  I have started my next round of HCG.  I have done HCG 4 times in the last 6 years each time after having a child my last round was 2 years ago, I had great success and hope to have the same if not better this round.  I am determined not to cheat and to do my best!  I am writing this blog to hopefully have those around me to boaster me up when I am down and to keep me honest!  SO that being said I will be posting photos of my (headless) self.  In the mean time my starting stats which actually looking at it makes me realize just how scary things have gotten for me....I have about 100 pounds to loose and am starting this journey with the hopes of losing 30 to 40 pounds on the 40 day protocol. 

Weight Day 1 = 260
Waist = 49
Hips =53
Arm R = 14 1/2"
Arm L = 14"
Leg R =
Leg L =

In the mean time please forgive me in my delay in being completely organized.  In addition to dieting I am a mom, wife, teacher, employee and friend. 
Lets lose the weight together! Skinny feels good! I can do this!