Losing the weight!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Phase 1 Day 23 W 238.6 L .4

No more big losses :( but I am losing I knew this day would come and I am OK with it I am looking forward to hitting my goal I have 17 more days 17 more precious hcg day...Trying to look at it that way.  Rethinking my planned dinner out and I might just wait to go till after my phase 1. 

I want to lose 30lbs min and preferably 35lb pushing through the last few weeks!!!

Lets lose the weight! Skinny Feels Good!!!
W238.6 TLTD 21.4


  1. I've been afraid to work out. Has it helped with your weight loss at all?

  2. Hey Emily, ya its not really a work out just a get the blood pumping light sweat...its been fun to get a routine going yesterday it was TV ballet. HA and today I had a huge loss so maybe its helping? IDK I guess in a week we will see.