Losing the weight!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Phase 1 Day 21 W 239.6 L0

Well I plateaued I guess I sorta saw this coming with such small drops over the weekend so I called to see what I should do I was told skip a dose of HCG and do an apple day.  Today is that day :( I hope I can do it with out the HCG I swear that helps curb my appetite.  The super bowl party was OK I am surprised that I did as well as I did.  I had a taco salad it was so yummy. 

Over the weekend I battled one of the worst migraines I have ever had.  I was knocked flat on my back in bed lights off and slept!  I finally feel better tho, thank goodness!  I didn't even watch the super bowl I was asleep for most of it which I think helped me not want to eat. 

Also I know that this might be a 'bad' idea but I am going to try and be really good this next week my sweet husband wants to take me out for a steak dinner for Valentines day so I am going to let him I know this means I am going to cheat...but I kinda am looking forward to it, a planned cheat.

The shoes I wanted for hitting my goal were also on my to do list and went to get them and they didn't have my size :( I am going to call in today and see if they have them but I was so bummed. 
Lets lose the weight, Skinny Feels Good!
W239.6 TLTD 20.4lbs


  1. i had never heard of not doing the HCG while doing an apple day, but I also an not on the RX kind :)

    How do you do your apple days? I'm on apple #2 for the day, trying to not drink a lot of water like they say, but i'm so thirsty all the time since i've been guzzling by the gallon up until now!

    13 more days on this phase. I would really like to lose at least 10 more pounds.

  2. I should clearify...it was skip a dose, then do an apple day. Not do both on the same day. :) It worked tho!